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Get your top-of-the-line mining rigs from Midcrypto. Our mining rigs are custom built and pre-configured to deliver the most efficient hash rates. We also offer ASIC miners along with essential mining supplies and accessories. If you are looking to buy in bulk, please contact us for a custom quote. 

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Purchase all your miners from Midcrypto and let us handle the hosting and management while you simply collect cryptocurrency. Already have miners? Great, we can host your equipment while keeping it updated and properly managed. We have expert technicians and offer a secure, climate controlled environment with some of the best electricity rates in the country.

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We have seen strong performing equity markets in the past year, but none compared to the massive appreciation seen within the cryptocurrency sector. Are you ready to get involved in cryptocurrency, but are simply not sure where to start? Midcrypto is here to help you get started without having to worry about cryptocurrency volatility and potential mismanagement of mining hardware.

GPU Miners

Our versatile GPU miners utilize multiple graphic cards to hash cryptocurrency algorithms and allow you to mine any type of cryptocurrency. All Midcrypto GPU miners are exclusively built and configured by our in-house team of certified technicians to deliver the highest possible performance and reliability.

ASIC Miners

ASIC miners contain a series of microchips specifically designed to hash a single cryptocurrency algorithm. Midcrypto offers only the best ASIC miners for all the popular cryptocurrency coins and algorithms.

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Midcrypto’s “Ask an Expert” service features personal 1-on-1 voice, video or text communications with our cryptocurrency experts!

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Cost effective solutions so you can maximize your mining profits. We offer the most competitive electricity rates when you host with us.

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Knowledgeable and always available customer support in the United States. Chat with us today!

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Mining rigs built and tested by expert certified technicians with simple, pre-configured plug and play designs.

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If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your product, you can return it with no questions asked.


I stumbled across the Zenith miner from Midcrypto and felt the pricing to performance was fair – and let me tell you, I could not be happier. It is easy to get running and is configured for serious hashing power! As a bonus, I did not need to buy a monitor because I can control the Zenith from any browser. Thanks for the fast delivery!

The antminers in my house were driving my wife crazy. They were loud and produced a lot of heat. Worst part was having to rearrange a portion of my house for electrical setups. I decided to host my miners with midcrypto and now the headaches are gone. They handle everything and I just collect crypto. The whole process was really fast and simple.

I wanted to get involved in crypto but was not sure how to get started. I spoke with customer support and they were friendly and patient with me. I bought a few antminers to be directly hosted at the midcrypto facility. I never thought it could be this simple!